Passenger Code of Conduct

No eating, drinking, carrying of unsealed containers of drink
No use of tobacco products or vaping
No damaging or vandalizing of Yorktown Transit bus or property in any manner
No littering
No opening the windows of the bus
No loud or obnoxious behavior that disrupts other passengers or the Bus Operator, including but Not limited to:

  • Playing or operating any electronic device unless the sound can only be heard through earphones and is totally inaudible to all other passengers
  • Use of profanity, foul or offensive language

No interfering with the safe operation of the bus
No standing in front of the white or yellow line marked on the floor in the front while the bus is in motion or after being asked to step behind the line by the Bus Operator
No controlled substances, flammable liquids, or combustible materials

All bags and other carry-on items must:

  • Be brought on board in 1 trip
  • Must be held securely
  • May not be placed in a seat
  • May not block the aisles or doors at any time

All wheelchair passengers must have their wheelchairs secured. All wheels, locking devices and seat belts on the wheelchair must be in proper working order. Otherwise, the Bus Operator can refuse to let the passenger to ride.

Strollers and walkers must be folded, properly stowed, and must not block the aisle at any time

No lying down on seats of the bus

No entering or exiting the bus through the rear emergency

No pets or animals are allowed on the bus except service animals trained to perform tasks for a person with a disability. We do not consider comfort and companion animals to be service animals

No carrying, possessing, or having within immediate access any unpermitted weapon

Penalties of Code Violation

Any person in violation of the Code of Conduct is subject to ejection from any Yorktown Transit vehicle and restriction from future service. If more serious penalties are warranted, Yorktown Transit may contact the local authorities. 

How to Report a Concern

If you observe a problem on the bus, please alert your bus operator. You may also report your concern to Yorktown Transit by email or by calling 757-876-0986 When reporting concerns, please be prepared to give:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Bus line or the stop name and location
  • A description of the problem

Phone: 757-876-0986

Licensed & Insured